Monday, April 4, 2011

My Other Passion

I went shopping at Tractor Supply yesterday. Yep, just the name of the store gives you an idea of what kind of area I live in. LOL  We always have fun there. They have all kinds of things from vaccines for your pets that you can self administer to clothes to candy. The general store of all general stores.

Anyways, they had baby chicks and rabbits for sale. My boys spent their time fawning over them and I managed to escape the store without purchasing one, which in itself was a miracle.

I spent my time getting giddy over my first passion. Plants. The spring root bulbs were out for sale and going like hot cakes. I managed to get a yellow raspberry plant, ecchinacea flowers, and calladium bulbs (I think, that's how its spelled.) I redid my front yard garden last fall and can't wait to see what survived. *jumps up and down* If I could make a decent living gardening that would be the job for me. I could spend the whole day in the dirt.

I don't have much yard but I make every square foot count.

Annie Nicholas

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Voirey Linger said...

We get Tractor Supply mailers. My 17 yo is begging me to use that 15% off chicks and ducklings coupon. I live in the middle of the city...

I've never been one who enjoys gardening but I sure love the yards of those who do.

Enjoy your springtime, Annie.