Monday, April 11, 2011

Punctuation Art

Ever since I've started hanging out on the web I've marveled at punctuation art or as other's call it text emoticons.

The happy faces  :)  the sad :(  winky face ;)

Some people take it to another level. Something I wish I had the talent to conceive. It truly is an art form. I saw this the other day.

(_/_)(_\_)(_/_)(_\_)   shake your booty.

Others that have caught my attention on twitter are:

; _ ;   crying

(-.-)  falling asleep

*o*  surprised

These are some I found researching the topic.

 (^.^)/~~~   bye with at handkerchief

(>_< )( >_<)   Shaking head 'NO'

/\/\(;_;)/\/\   Spider

(=^;^=)  Cat

*clears throat* Like I said, I'm interested in the art form.    :^)

Do have any to share?

Annie Nicholas


Hailey Edwards said...

Ha! The spider is too cute. I use the standards:

O.O surprise
O.o shock (fine line, I know)
>:( angry
>_< tired

D L Jackson said...

*\0/* *\0/*
Cheerleaders with pom-poms.

annie nicholas said...

I love it and will use it.