Sunday, March 5, 2017

Another Dirty Rotten Vampire

And I'm Kindle Bound.

Yay! All of my currently self published books can now be found on KindleUnlimited. How will it work out for me? I don't know. I'm not one to check numbers, reviews and the like. I write because I LOVE it. My favorite genre is paranormal and that goes for reading also. Enjoy any vampire inspired book, and shifters are awesome in any form - dogs, wolves, hawks, horses, bears, and the list goes on.

If you want to look me up on Amazon, here's the link:  You'll also find my Changeling Press books there.

Ooh! I signed a contract for book 5 in the Dirty Rotten Vampire series and there is a hellhound shifter. I can't wait for it to come out. And if you're wondering Vald Gerlach is back and up to his tricks with Satan. Here's an unedited snippet:

Make Me Right

She could beg him to show mercy, but could she make him right?

Denton Blackstone is a monster, one the world will surely fear. Not even Jordan Scott knows his darkest secret. After she stumbles upon him injured on a hiking trail and takes him home, he turns into her most ferocious protector. Becoming her lover, Denton continues to hide behind the cover of being human though he knows something inside him is rapidly changing and it begins to take its toll.

Jordan Scott isn’t afraid of the largest black hound she’d ever seen; in fact, she takes him home. When he begins to escape nightly, she’s afraid he might attack a human. Little does she know her life is entwined with the beast’s destiny and his deadly need will change her forever.

“911. Where’s your emergency?”
“Fleetwood Street. It’s a…a… Jesus, I don’t know!” The stranger’s phone clattered to the pavement.
“Sir? Hello?”
“Help me!”
Controlling heat in his eyes, eyes Denton knew would be red, struggling to hold back horns painfully pushing from his skull, he grasped the man’s neck. “For every drop of blood each animal lost,” lifting the culprit a foot in the air, he pressed him against the wall, “I will take the same from your veins.”
The man wheezed, “Don…don’t.”
“I can’t understand you.”
An emergency operator’s voice squawked from the abandoned phone lying near Denton’s feet. Long, ragged teeth slipped from his gums and he salivated.
“Oh Jesus!”
“We located you via GPS. Help is on the way.”
Loosening his grip, Denton allowed the piece of shit to breathe. Spittle splashed his cheeks when the jackass yelled, “I won’t ever do it again! Please… I…”
The operator’s voice continued, “Is there someone with you?”
“I know you won’t.” Denton leaned closer. He wanted to slip into the furry animal he’d always been. Something stopped him, held him fast in his new human form. He preferred his dog to this cold, hairless… The other $thing he knew came straight from Hell. What new horror contaminated him?
“Sir? Are you there? Hello? Hello?”
Jordan! Denton dropped the man at the sound of one voice that could beg for his mercy, stop him from releasing a creature who was no longer in his total control. Until now he’d kept what he was hidden from her. He called himself a man in this form but he knew he was something else. Especially when mental telepathy started and horny knots came and went on his head. How had she snuck up on him when, now, all he smelled was her? He pivoted. “I can’t hide anymore.” Glancing at the trembling man huddled on the ground overwhelmed him with an odd thirst. Not so much for blood this time. Denton wanted his soul.
Forget him, see only her. Brown, shoulder length hair drawn into a severe ponytail, long legs, thick thighs and wide hips. Pouty lips he loved tasting were bare of color. Dirty, foul smelling alley was cool, damp, causing nipples to poke material of her thick cotton tee as her ample breasts rose with each intake of air. “Jordan.”
“What the…?”
Under the street lamp, he took in rapidly blinking hazel eyes. “Forgive me.”
“What are you?”
“Something you should never see,” he whispered weakly. To no avail, he begged what grew inside him not to do this in front of her. He pulled the creep back up and snarled, “Satan has a special place for you.” He sank jagged incisors into the bastard’s neck and prepared to yank his jugular out before the stranger fainted. Denton wanted him to feel pain.
“Denton, don’t, please.” She pleaded, “Stop.”
Teeth ached as he struggled to withdraw.
Who, what sought to control his mind now? Where was the one who made him and why hadn’t he surfaced again. Which culprit had secreted information in his psyche on how to survive in his new body? How to fashion clothing and other items he required, how to wrest another man’s ideas away from him, even change their philosophies. Who had led him to the place he now called home and left him with enough money to begin what could only be a miserable existence? A new thirst demanding to be quenched rode him relentlessly.
Where the fuck are you? Denton’s words, screamed inside his head, were silent to the rest of the city but to him, they were loud, and so very painful.

I'll keep you posted on release information and you know you'll see the cover as soon as I get it.
Meanwhile, if it's blood you're after try The Triumvirate series: White Blood, I Won't Stop, and Twice the Burn. Three hot men and the men and women they love. All on KindleUnlimited at:  Here's the video -

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele


Unknown said...

I enjoyed your blog and I loved you excerpt. You could really feel the character struggle.

CJ Burright said...

Ooh, a hell hound shifter! Awesome!

J Hali Steele said...

Glad you liked it, Victoria, can't wait for release.
CJ, I liked this guy a lot!

Diane Burton said...

Wow. What an excerpt. Scary. I hope KU works out great for you. Let us know what you learn. Best wishes.