Thursday, March 23, 2017

Steaming Up the Windows, by Francesca Quarto

The windows were fogged over with the moisture of their heavy panting.  She could no longer see out into the darkness and felt a tingle of claustrophobia unless she shut her eyes.  
It was close in the car, already overstuffed with his backpack, sleeping bag, books and whatever else he deemed too important to leave in his apartment.  After dating him for a few months, she was getting used to his rather eccentric behavior. 

She accused him once of living in the tiny electric car.  He purchased it at the beginning of their freshman year at Community, when they met. He blew off her comment about the cost, saying it was his "duty to try to heal the "Great Madonna"; whatever that meant.

He was always making statements that sounded like they'd been lifted off an ad for donations to Green Peace.  She admired his dedication to an altruistic cause, but had lingering doubts about its sincerity.  Reflecting on all the money he paid for the tiny, non-environment harming vehicle, she couldn't help but factor in how that amount could have paid for her next two semesters and more.

She began to get a little drowsy with all the closeness of the car and the way he was nearly absorbing her with his body.  He'd pressed her back against her seat, scooting over the gear shift.  He wrapped his arms on either side of her head, supporting himself as he kissed her deeply.  She pushed him back so she could catch her breath. He smiled down at her, their faces only inches apart.  

Suddenly, he was hungrily devouring her slightly parted lips, his tongue probing her mouth. Without warning he thrust two fingers where his tongue had been, running them along her teeth and the soft tissue at the roof of her mouth.  It was nauseating to her and exciting beyond reason.

He withdrew his wet fingers and began sucking them like lollipops. She watched fascinated, still in shock from this new sexual experience.
She couldn't move if she wanted.  He had both of her arms in his strong hands and held them down to her side.  Her feeling of claustrophobia was replaced now by a new feeling; fear.
His smile never faltered as the long incisors peeked through his sensual lips. He could clearly read the alarm in the blue depths of her wide eyes.

He leaned back toward her now, his tongue running down the soft skin of her cheek and curving around the slim stem of her neck.

The last thing she heard him say would be the last thing she'd hear anyone say.
"Delicious and I'm so hungry!"


Diane Burton said...

Fun little story, Francesca. And the moral of this story is...never get in a car with a vampire? LOL

Francesca Quarto said...

Oh, how true! Thanks for the read!

CJ Burright said...

Ah, never fully trust a man who spouts too many Green Peace-ish sayings!

Unknown said...

You've got the scare thing going. It was a surprise at the end of the excerpt. Did not see that coming.

Nancy Gideon said...

Is this from one of your books, Frannie? I'm invested (and I hate those little cars!).