Wednesday, March 29, 2017

When the Idea Comes Alive by @MeganSlayer #ideas #writers #PNR

Sometimes I wonder what the next story will be. I know that sounds crazy. Aren't authors supposed to have characters talking all of the time? Usually, that's correct. Most often, I can't keep a notebook close enough of a pen full because I'm scrawling information down. I can see a music video or a sequence at the store and an idea shows up. It's fun. 

But every so often, I'm in a lull. No one's talking and nothing's happening. I call it my time to recharge my brain. Hey, sometimes I need to. 

So while I was sitting here trying to decide what to write about and being mildly puzzled... I had an idea. Actually, I'd been thinking about my local library. I was given the opportunity to write a short piece about why I love my library. Now you're probably wondering why I mentioned the library. Simple. The library and this post (Yep, this one) inspired me. 

I used to love going to my local library (a bigger one than the one where I live now) and wondered what would happen if the furniture came to life. What if the paintings could talk or the books could, too? What would it be like to be in that world. Kind of a cross between Beauty and the Beast and Alice in Wonderland. When you walk in, you don't know who the librarians will be that day or what the books will tell you. It's a mystery! Could be Alexander the Great talking about his conquests while the statue of birds flies around the rafters.  I don't know about you, but I'm certainly putting this idea on the back burner and letting it simmer a while. 

What about you? Have you ever had a whiz-banger of an idea? Or one that won't leave you alone? I'd love to know. You don't have to disclose the idea, but maybe the how and why. :-)

Want to know more about Never Give You Up or the other Battle Scarred books? Here you go!

Never Give You Up by Megan Slayer  Battle Scarred, Book 5
Loose Id
Contemporary, Paranormal
M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation
Cover art by Mina Carter

 Through time, distance and confusion, we will always find each other.

Galen Collins knows who he loves, but the vampire of his dreams, Anders Von, isn’t interested. What’s a vampire to do when he’s been rejected? Go to the clubs for sex. He’ll get Anders out of his mind one way or another. But there’s something wicked on the horizon in the form of a virus meant to wipe out supernatural beings. Forces who hardly know Galen are out to keep him and Anders apart. Will he allow the demons to win, or will he chase Anders to the ends of the earth?

Anders has always had a crush on Galen, but things never worked out right time-wise. Galen is the one vampire to make his emotional heart race. He wants to strip Galen to his core and explore every inch of him. Will Anders take the chance to be with Galen and discover how well they fit together or will the virus take Galen before Anders makes his move?

Megan Slayer - It's Always Fun to Squirm

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Diane Burton said...

What an exciting concept. I'd love to walk into that library. Along with the stories you mentioned, it reminds me of Night at the Museum. Instead of not having a idea to write about, my problem is too many and which one should I work on first. We often say the characters that holler loudest. But what if all of them are hollering? That's what happened last year. I had 3 unfinished stories My solution (eventually) was to finish the one that was closest to the end.

Unknown said...

Like you, I never know where my next big idea is going to come from.

BrookelWellsj said...

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