Friday, May 9, 2014

Sinfully Supernatural #FridayReads You Shouldn't Miss

A few months ago while I was recovering from spinal surgery, a handful of authors and I got together to put out a boxset. Eight books, eight authors, and among the novels present in this is my Marshal of Hel Dorado.

Marshal of Hel Dorado is book #1 in the Fevered Hearts series. Fevered Hearts revolves around two families: the Kanes and the Morning Stars. The Kanes live on the Flying K just outside of Dorado, and the Morning Stars on a mountain in far west Texas. As the meme says, when I first wrote this, I thought it would be a novella. Half a million words, and six books later, it was definitely not a novella.

My idea had been I wanted to write a paranormal set against a world without access to technology and where best to do that than the old west? No phones. No cars. No hospitals. Where death went hand in hand with life, and where every problem seems magnified. Like I said, that was what I started out to do. Then I met the characters: Sam, Micah, Kid and Jason--all Kanes. All standup men in their own right, raised by a very ethical father with strong values and while each brother was different, you can't miss certain facets of their personality.  Then there were the Morning Stars: Scarlett, Cody, Jimmy, Buck, Noah, Ike, Rudy, and Wyatt who were raised by Quanto, a Shaman with special abilities and the desire to protect these Fevered with their special abilities.

I came to write a paranormal, I stayed to write a family. With each subsequent Fevered Hearts novel, I've discovered something new about the families, gone deeper into their world and the epic family drama/paranormal romance is something I live and breath to write. Don't get me wrong, I love all of my novels, and all of my characters, but there is something very special about Fevered Hearts.

In June, I'll be releasing a Fevered Hearts novella (don't laugh, it really will be one) and then later this year, book #7: The Quick and the Fevered which is the penultimate novel in the series. In 2015, everything comes to a head in a war that has brewed since Marshal of Hel Dorado.

Are you ready to be Fevered?

The white man blamed the Indians saying they used their mojo on them.
The Indians blamed the white man saying they angered the spirits.
The survivors know it doesn’t matter.
Meet the fevered hearts, the men and women who survived spirit fever.  Forever changed, these are their stories.
Read the first chapter of Marshal of Hel Dorado

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Sandy Wright said...

You have won me over with that logline--love it! I'm off to buy the series.