Saturday, May 31, 2014

Guest Author Pamela Turner & Her New Book: Exterminating Angel

VS sez: It's my pleasure today to welcome our guest Pamela Turner, here to share an excerpt from her exciting new paranormal novel EXTERMINATING ANGEL. 

The story:
Making a deal with the Devil is the least of his problems.

Zaphkiel, a chain-smoking, hard-drinking archangel, never intended to unleash the sun demon upon the city. Bad enough his boss wants him dead, and this recent crime is the perfect excuse. The timing couldn’t be worse. Somehow, Zaphkiel’s executed lover,

Caliel, is alive and reincarnated as Sean. Zaphkiel is thrilled to be reunited with Caliel again, but will his lover feel the same when he learns Zaphkiel’s darkest secret?
Hired by Lucifer, Sean wants nothing more than to fit in. But how can he compete when the Devil’s friends include archangels and a Tarot reader, and he was born without special abilities? Or so he believes. The Tarot hints there may be more to him than he realizes.

Recruited by the Devil to find the two pentacles sun demon Sorath plans to use to destroy the universe, Zaphkiel and Sean find themselves pawns in a game of power and control. If the archangel gives his boss the pentacles, Ophaniel will overlook his crime. But Zaphkiel knows he can’t trust either Ophaniel or Sorath, and the deal he’s made with the Devil could cost him not only his life, but also the lover he believed gone forever.

M/M sexual practices, occult themes, some violence, graphic descriptions.

Today's Excerpt:
Raziel stood before Lucifer’s office window and watched cars stream across the Kennedy Bridge. Last night, the fireball had headed toward Indiana, the southern part of the state visible across the Ohio River. “Did you see it last night?”

“The fireball?” Lucifer pulled a book on contracts from his mahogany bookcase. “Yes.”

Raziel faced him. “Any idea what it is?”

Lucifer thumbed through pages before snapping the hardcover shut. “If it’s what I think, we’re in trouble.”

Something in the devil’s eyes took Raziel aback. Lucifer’s expression seemed uncharacteristically strained.

“Do you think Zaphkiel will be okay?” Raziel asked.

“Worried about him?”


“That’s why I asked you to watch over him. Although I’m sure my agenda differs from Ophaniel’s, even if we asked the same thing.” Lucifer scribbled a few notes on a yellow Post-it pad. He tore off the note and stuck it to a file folder. “I can’t tell you what’ll happen to Zaphkiel, but I’ll do everything possible to ensure his and Sean’s safety.”

Raziel didn’t doubt it. “When do you plan to tell Sean who he is?”

Lucifer narrowed his sapphire-blue eyes. “Don’t get any ideas.”

He’d touched a nerve. “Of course not. But he has a right to know.”

The devil rolled the pen across his desk. “Sean’s angelic memory is sealed. At this point, it’s for the best.”

Raziel debated asking why, but Lucifer’s frown indicated he’d better wait. Did Sean’s appearance have anything to do with Sorath?

“I have my reasons.” Lucifer shook open the Courier-Journal and propped his feet on the desk, black Italian shoes polished to a sheen.

He’d learned arguing with the devil proved pointless. Something was going on, and he intended to find out what.

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Author Bio:
Pamela Turner drinks too much coffee, and wishes she could write perfect first drafts. Publications include the paranormal short novels Death Sword and Exterminating Angel, both from Kensington Publishing Corp.’s Lyrical Press imprint, and the paranormal historical mystery The Ripper’s Daughter(BlackWyrm Publishing). Her short, dark suspense story “Family Tradition” (MuseItUp Publishing) was a finalist in the EPIC 2014 EBook Awards, and Death Sword is a finalist in the Chanticleer Book Reviews Paranormal Awards 2013. She’s a member of RWA, Sisters in Crime, EPIC, and a supporting member of HWA. Besides coffee, she likes cats, cemeteries, and old abandoned buildings. You can find her at

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Twitter @PamelaTurner


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Thank you for having me today. :-)

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Fantastic excerpt, wanted it to keep going on and on ...

Joanne Wadsworth said...

Congrats on your new release, Pamela.

PamelaTurner said...

Thanks, Sarah. :-) Glad you enjoyed it. And thank you, too, Joanne. Really appreciate the support.