Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bring me the weekend. Now.

By Stephanie Beck

It has been said I have a more controlling personality. It would have surprised me, but I was busy setting up a party and leading a I do prefer when things are done my way, but I am also an adult and understand I don't always get what I want, even when I work for it and try my best.

I've heard whispers that include 'bossy' as well, though I reject that one. I try not to tell people to do things, but rather do it with them. My energy level and willingness to do things, however, might be a little higher than others, so what I see as 'let's do this together' they may see as 'good grief does she ever stop?'. Personality flaw...naw, it's just me.

Put these all together and throw us back to today, Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, and I'm feeling both the desire to control and to boss. I want a nice weekend. I want sunshine and 70's, maybe even 80's and I want to be able to walk around my yard without the squish from constant rain.

This has happened to me far too often since 'Spring' has sprung.

That's right. I want to love my weekend. I want to work in my garden a little while, play soccer with my kids, walk down by the river, and read my book in the sunshine. Mother Nature, it's time to make this happen. Now.

Any special weekend plans? I'll be playing and reading The Fault in our Stars which was given to me by one of my teenage friends who swears I will love it (I'm terribly afraid I'm going to cry, but I'll do that for this sweet girl who bought me the book).

Take care, and have a wonderful and safe weekend.
Stephanie Beck


Diane Burton said...

Stephanie, great post. Love your description of controlling. LOL It's hard letting go, isn't it? It's supposed to be a lovely weekend here in west Michigan. I'm just going to enjoy the sunshine.

steph beck said...

I hope you enjoy every second of your sunshine, Diane! So far in Minnesota the weather is lovely, but I'm hearing talk of rain for the weekend...I'm going to enjoy the sun while it lasts!