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Quench Release Giveaway


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Hot new releases to knock your socks off – Quench at USA Today’s Hot New Romance Books!

Read about Quench, sequel to Hard Case (available@ Ellora's Cave for.99¢!--No purchase necessary for contest/giveaway) at Sensuous Promos. I'll be giving one lucky winner a copy of Quench and Hard Case, another lucky winner will receive a copy of Quench.

And I always have a surprise up my sleeve!

Alek is cursed. A tiger and lion mix, he also feels vampyre bloodlust. Finding a mate will require finding someone to sate that bloodlust and it has become increasingly clear that the two cats who live beneath his skin are outrageously, unbelievably picky. Then he meets Viviana, the one woman who ignites a fierce fire in his soul.

Viviana, a vampyre warrior, is shocked to come face-to-face with the one creature who can turn her cool blood into a molten river. Her powers stolen, she has to count on the cat for everything—blood, even her life, and when they’re together she becomes a wildcat in his arms. Viv wants Alek as her own, and no one, not even Alek himself, will stand in her way.

Inside Scoop: Alek and Viviana share many erotic likings, including enjoying the occasional voyeuristic adventure as well as exhibitionist sex, when the desire strikes them.


Alek remained motionless with the knife pressed into the skin of his throat. A cold trickle of blood slid down his neck as the stranger used one hand to pat him down as if it were a cheap stickup. When the hand came around and grabbed his cock, he made his move.
Lightning fast, he reached over his shoulder, grasped the stranger by his head and flipped him onto the floor. The tip of Alek’s knife now pierced the other’s neck and drew blood.
“Unless you want what you just had to be your last meal, I suggest you don’t put your hand on my balls again.”
“Get your ass off me and I’ll be glad to oblige. Fuck, never mind, your cock feels pretty damn good right where it is.” A slender body pushed up against him.
The voice stilled him and he inhaled deeply. Alek’s breath caught in his throat. Truth assaulted his nostrils and he wondered how the hell he’d missed it. Delicious female scent wafted over him. Shit! A freaking woman had held him at knifepoint and she smelled full-out vamp. Pulling his blade back, he released her and stood while she came to her feet with a lithe move that impressed him. Close to his height, taut muscles twitched with readiness as her weapon flipped back and forth through nimble fingers.
“What the fuck did you think you were doing?” Alek asked.
“What in hell were you doing trying to sneak up on us? You ever hear of knocking? I thought you Kind had a thing about privacy.” She peered at Law. “Who the hell is this guy?”
“Trust me, Viv, he’s not a cat you want to mess with, understand? Put the knife away.”
Dace’s snicker filtered through the room.
“Don’t call me Viv, no one here knows me that well. I’m Viviana. If anyone gives a shit about a last name, too bad.”
The vamp amazed and flustered Alek at the same time.
Her feminine chin jutted toward him. “Who’s Mr. Got-a-helluva-package?”
Law choked. “That’s Alek.”
“Ahh, your lofty Reign leader. How you doing? Nice cock you got there.” She motioned to the couples on the sofa. “Help yourself to a bite.” Viviana laughed in his face when his jaw dropped. “You cats need to stop being so damn finicky.”
Surprised by her boldness, he snapped his mouth closed. He’d never met a woman like her in his life. She had the foulest mouth he’d ever heard, no modesty at all and she felt like a wet dream about to pop.
Alek’s dick was hard as a stick of dynamite and it felt ready to blow any damn minute. Christ! What was up with this female? And what the fuck was up with him?
Her moonlit blue eyes pierced him before she vanished.
He wasn’t hungry anymore. Not for food anyway.
Before he sheathed his knife he ran the tip of it over his tongue. The vamp’s blood tingled there, sending another hot stab of desire right to his crotch. The taste of her called so loudly to him he followed Viviana right through the door. The last thing he heard was the brothers laughing.
Alek blatantly checked out her backside, pleased by the sight of her tight ass swinging in front of him. Platinum-blonde hair hung down her back in a severe plait. Black leather hugged her lithe body like a second skin and her long legs ate the hallway up. She was tall, damn near reaching his six foot four inches in her stiletto boots. Oh he could work her for a long time. The package she’d fondled earlier was still hard.
His hands itched to touch the walnut brown skin he knew would feel like satin. And her smell drove him nuts. Damn! Could one drop of blood have…Hell, maybe he was in heat!

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt.

J Hali Steele
UNFORGIVABLE - at Changeling Press, ARe, Amazon, B&N
UNREDEEMABLE at Changeling Press, ARe, Amazon, B&N

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele

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