Friday, May 30, 2014

Which One Do I Love The Most?

Not talking about men in my life--who has the energy for more than one, anyway? Or children--mine annoy me equally! Nope, I am thinking about speculative romances sub-genres.

I admit it. I am in an open relationship with speculative romance. I am incapable of being faithful to one, no matter how much I love and/or obsess about a shiny sub-genre at the time. In fact, I look forward to the natural ebbing of interest in one sub-genre, followed by a new, thrilling love of another. I always know that special high won't last, but I maintain my affection for former loves, even while chasing another like a heat seeking missile.

If you are scratching your heads wondering what sub-genres I'm referring to, here is a quick rundown.

FantasyMagical elements and magical rules in a magical world.The Narnia Series, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter

Sci-fi: Scientific elements, rules, in the past, present or future world. Starship Troopers, Dune, popular movies like Star Wars.

Paranormal: Magical and supernatural elements in our real world. Buffy, Ghost, JR Ward's Black Dagger books, so many others!

What I read or watch eventually influences what I write. My first published short story, Faunication, reflected all the many years I spent in Narnia and Middle Earth. I'm returning to that world with a romance, The Moon Fairy Bride in late 2014, the first in a high fantasy romance series. i know Narnia, fairy tales and Hogwarts all influenced this latest concoction.

My sci-fi romance series Diaspora Worlds will continue in book 4, Neon Orchid, this summer. I chatted with Jean recently about what an influence Andre Norton was! She wrote such fearless, speculative stories. I also loved the old TV show Lost in Space, and there is  a lot of family in this series. (I planned to marry Will Robinson. I was a romantic even in grade school!)

One of my paranormal romance books, Her Accidental Angel, is set mainly in our modern world, but they also travel to the Angellic Overland, a place that is way too perfect. I've thought about adding some chaos there, and some romance.

So many great worlds to read and write about. Sometime I wonder what the Next! Big! Thing! will be in speculative romance. I am not so great at predicting the future, but I know I will like it.

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