Friday, May 16, 2014

Paranormal Partying at the RT Booklovers Convention!

The RT Booklovers Convention is always kind of a wild time, regardless. The parties, costumes and general enthusiastic hilarity makes this a week out of time for most of us, far from the rules of the real world.

Having it in New Orleans, a city of carnivalesque darkness, sensuality and indulgence?

Even wilder!

The first night of the convention, everyone went off-site to Mardis Gras World. This is an enormous complex where they store the floats for the Mardis Gras parades during the off-season. It's kind of wild, seeing them all stacked up like that, a cacophony of lurid color and unreal images.

I got a purple sash that says "Kensington" and was up on a float, tossing beads with Cynthia Eden, Kimberly Kincaid and Kate Pearce. We all agreed that it was the most fun promo event ever.

We are also now accomplished bead-throwers.

The convention continues through Sunday, so be sure to follow the #RT14 hashtags for more wild pics and stories.

There may also be shopping and a few ill-advised purchases here and there.

I'll have lots of special early copies of The Mark of the Tala, which comes out May 27. I'm really excited to hand those out starting at the Kensington party, into the Pub Crawl and to sign at the big Book Fair.

Let the good times roll!

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