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Gaelic Paranormal Tales by Guest Máirín Fisher-Fleming @MairinFF

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Mairín (Maureen for the Gaelically-challenged) Fisher-Fleming.   I’m a Canadian author with a background in theatre and dance.  When my day job as a shipper/receiver for a printing firm permits, I love to disappear into the magical realms of the Sidhe, the Fair folk of Ireland.  I am the willing slave to four  rescue cats, led by a miniature Siamese empress with delusions of grandeur. When time allows, I seek the freedom of the open road on my motorcycle, head off camping or just explore the country side on my mountain bike.
Dancing on the Dark Side is the first novel in the Dark Trilogy. Bliss Stuart, the strong female protagonist just wants to set the world of contemporary dance on fire. She’s thrilled to be training at the prestigious Windhaven College of the Arts in Salem, Massachusetts. But things go a little weird the moment she sets foot on the campus.
Her new roommate, Rowan, is a mind-reading, storm-calling descendent of the Sidhe, the Fae of Ireland, with a secret agenda.
Ciarán, the charming TA for her performance class, is the most brilliant dancer she’s ever seen. Too bad he hides from the sun and has a taste for human blood.
Throw in a gorgeous and brilliant musician who keeps turning himself into a bear and you have the makings of a nightmare instead of a final year in college.
Bliss should have run screaming in terror, but Rowan’s magic has woken memories of a past life she cannot deny. The more she learns of Ciarán’s tragic past and the family of Sidhe he protects, the more she realizes she is a part of their world and her new ‘normal’ is anything but.
Enter the Order, ancient enemy of everything supernatural. To protect Bliss and the Sidhe, Ciarán draws her into the very heart of his magical world. Soon, instead of dancing together, they are fighting a bitter battle to prevent disaster from tearing them apart again. This time forever.

An Excerpt:
As she approached the stairs raised voices drew her towards Ciarán’s door.
“Let me get this straight—the big scary vampire is afraid of that dainty little dancer?”
Bliss blinked. What the hell? Vampire? You can’t be serious, Roomie.
But Rowan was still talking. “Ciarán, what makes you think she’s here for revenge?”
“That’s what I’d do if someone killed me.” Whoa! What? Someone is dead? Intrigued, Bliss inched closer. “She isn’t going to kill you.” The conversation was so creepy she couldn’t force herself to walk away. Who was dead and trying to kill Ciarán? If whoever they were talking about was already dead, how could that person hurt him? Dead people couldn’t come back to life. Could they?”
“And you know this because...?” I searched her brain. Thoroughly.” What? How would Rowan do that? An icy prickle of unease made her skin crawl, but Bliss continued to listen—she couldn’t help it. “Damn it Rowan, stay out of her head and stop meddling! And while we’re on subject—if you dare lay another charm on me, I won’t have any qualms about letting the Circle know exactly what you’ve been up to.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Rowan protested innocently.
“Don’t play games, Brat. I felt that slap across the back of my head. Then I walked in here to find you’d laced my entire bed with some hex—”
“It wasn’t a hex!” Rowan blurted. “The bed was glowing!” 
“I’m not afraid of the stupid Circle.” She didn’t sound at all convincing. “Just don’t tell Mum.” Bliss backed a step away—this was getting weirder by the second. And scarier. “You know she’s Anáriel and you are meant to be together. I see how you look at her. She’s literally the only woman you’ve ever even looked at twice. What is wrong with you?”
“Rowan...” Even Bliss heard the warning in his voice and backed up another step.
“You actually see her when you look at Bliss.” 
“I see other women.” A huffed sigh “Whatever. You don’t see her as a potential meal.” M-m-m-eal? It had to be some silly family joke. She saw where Rowan would get the idea. Ciarán was nothing if not dark, mysterious, and well, really pale
“Get out, Rowan,” he snapped in a tone of voice Bliss had not believed him capable of. Add temper to that list of ominous traits, then. “Everyone is entitled to happiness, Ciarán, even you. What if the Lady is giving you a second chance? I think Bliss likes you.” Wait...they were talking about her. Bliss sucked in a breath. Then who was the other person Rowan kept mentioning? “Leave it alone, Rowan”
“If you let this pass you by, you’ll regret it for the rest of your very long life.”
Bliss had heard enough. Against her better judgement she tapped on the door and peeked around the corner. Rowan was seated on the edge of Ciarán’s bed, glaring down at him. She slipped into the room. Ciarán lay back against his pillows, pale as the linens, his eyes shadowed and fevered-looking.
“Are you okay?”
“Mr. Wussy has a headache,” Rowan answered with a derisive snort. “Too much to drink last night. Or maybe not enough.”
There was a sound remarkably like a growl. Bliss squinted in the dark at Ciarán. “Did you just growl at her?”
“Don’t be ridiculous. People don’t growl.” He glanced at Rowan then shifted his gaze back to Bliss. Something about his eyes was different. They were darker. More—her thoughts derailed. She was lost in those mysterious green eyes, like falling into the depths of the ocean.
Praise for Dancing on the Dark Side
Reviewed By Lex Allen ˜˜˜˜˜
I thoroughly enjoyed Dancing on the Dark Side. It’s hard to find a paranormal romance in the New Adult genre that doesn’t hang on the coattails of the Twilight series, but this story is one of those rarities….
The trio of Bliss, Ciarán, and Rowan are joined by Gabe, a Shifter, to round out a quartet of enthralling characters. All the primary protagonists are exquisitely drawn and fit the story puzzle to a T. The antagonists, known to this point in what will surely be a series as “The Order of the Redemption,” make a few intriguing appearances, but I suspect their predominance in the tale will grow in future books. The supporting cast includes a variety of Sidhe personalities that perform their roles perfectly and coalesce into a tightly knit group. Their comings and goings throughout the tale lend a high degree of verisimilitude to the story line that is expertly woven by Mrs. Fisher-Fleming’s deft writing skills. Since I mentioned the Twilight series earlier, allow me to close with a final comparison. If you read Twilight and liked it, you’ll love Dancing on the Dark Side. If you read Twilight and hated it, you’ll really love Dancing on the Dark Side. I fit the latter group and I’ll be looking for more of Ms. Fisher-Fleming’s work.

I was born in the dry southern interior of British Columbia, Canada a number of years ago (just how many is a secret known only to my family). I have always had a passion for reading and devoured the printed word, especially if those words involved animals, mystical places, faeries, ghosts, vampires and other supernatural beings.  Each new book provided fodder for an active imagination and the possibility of adventures with new found, imaginary friends. 
An introvert from day one, my happiest memories of childhood are of camping trips to Canada’s National Parks and days spent at the family cottage.
On entering secondary school, I discovered theatre arts but the theatre is a very scary place for an introvert and I chose to remain in the background, painting sets and writing plays. That changed in my final year when I met my mentor, Susan Mackie, and rediscovered a love of dance that had simmered on the back burner for years.  Through dance, I found a creative outlet that eventually led to a degree in Education with a major in Theatre.
Today I call the Okanagan Valley home, and work for a printing firm. My spare time is spent imagining the next adventure of my favourite supernaturals, plotting my own next adventure to someplace with a beach, convincing my cats that they are not my feline overlords, and laughing with my family.

You can contact me directly through my website, Twitter or my Facebook page.  *currently under re-construction


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Welcome, Mairin. It's a pleasure having you here today. I'm fascinated by Gaelic tales, esp. the fae. Great excerpt. Best wishes.

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