Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bucking Tradition

My holiday meals aren't typical. I am not a cook. I can bake up a storm when it comes to cookies, breads, pastries and the like but "cook" just isn't part of my vocabulary. Luckily, my husband loves it and he does most of that around here. But when it comes to the holidays, neither of us cooks.


Because we both work and we spend time shuttling our daughter back and forth to her after school activities, competitions, rehearsals, etc,. For living in the same house, its rare for the three of us to all be in the same place for more than a few hours. The last thing my husband and I decided we wanted was one of us working in the kitchen all day on one of our days off. It was a tradition we decided to start to buck tradition. How else do traditions get started? LOL

For Thanksgiving, we go out. Yes, that's right. We. Go. Out. No one cooks. No one washes dishes. We get to sit around a table for a while, have a good meal and have actual conversations. We then typically go to the movies and see whatever silly family movie just happened to have released (there's always one). It's a relaxing day for everyone and we enjoy it.

The one single downside? No leftover hot turkey sandwiches for the next three days. Hrm....maybe that's not a downside after all!

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving.

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Annie Nicholas said...

My home gets invaded. :) Three days of family, little kids, noise, and wine.