Thursday, November 4, 2010

Geeks Need Loving Too

Earlier this week, my first contemporary erotic romance, Hardware, released from Liquid Silver Books. I had a tremendous amount of fun writing a heroine who liked things that are traditionally identified with men. Comic books, movies, video games, computer smarts. Allison is a geek to the core and something she doesn't let bother her in the least. She's happy with who she is.

Anyone familiar with my other books know that I'm partial to broken heroes. The hero in Hardware is no exception. Patrick has a past that he's not proud of and lives his life in a way that prevents him from repeating it. That careful attitude also extends to his likes in the bedroom and needless to say, Allison is shown a whole new world after they meet.

Not only did I push myself when I wrote this story, I had a little fun by dropping a slew of references to pop culture in the book. Most aren't blatant enough to draw the reader out of the story as they're reading. Some are, but they're a part of the story then, it's intentional.

Here are a few example of subtle:

“Are you going to stare at me or charge him for his macchiato with an extra shot?” Her voice was purposefully cheerful, both for the frustrated customers and the barista. Something about his confused expression had made her decide to step in and offer a hand. Besides, the years she’d spent working in the coffeehouse to pay for her tuition to Pacific Tech helped everyone out.
The barista blinked his gorgeously deep blue eyes a few more times. “I’d be more than happy to if the computer would actually do something other than just beep at me.”

Miss it? Pacific Tech isn't a real college. It's the college that was the setting for the movie Real Genius.

Allison jutted her chin at the rail-thin teenager who stood behind the counter and wore a shirt that advertised the fact that Han shot first. “Hey, Edgar.”
“Missed you last week, Al.”
“I’ve been working on an important client’s computer network. You should check out Perfect Shot the next time you need a buzz.”

There's actually two in this section. One blatant if you're familiar with your geek speak, the other, not so much. The reference to "Han shot first" is in reference to a scene in the original theatrical version of Star Wars (before all the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope mess was added). Han Solo shot Greedo at Mod Eisley Cantina. When the movie was re-released in 1997, George Lucas changed the scene so that Greedo shot first in lieu of Han. The one not so blatant? Edgar. It's one of the Frog brothers from The Lost Boys.

How about one more, this one obvious:

With light contact, he reached out and traced the underside of her breasts with one finger. Even through the padded material, she felt his sizzling touch. Her breath caught as he traced a pattern.
“That is completely perfect and absolutely you.”
Startled, she saw that he’d traced the outline of the Superman logo laser-cut into the fabric at the top of the bra cup.
Dear God, of all the times to get caught wearing this bra. Mortified, she shrugged off the strap as he lowered it and listened to his chuckle.
At least he was amused by it.

Now that one needs no explanation at all. LOL

There are more, but I can't give them all away, can I? Instead, how about I give something else away? Leave a comment on this post and tell me about some piece of pop culture you're partial to. I'll draw a winner Friday for a download of Hardware.

Good luck!


Cathy M said...

Well, from age 3 to age 4, my son would only wear clothes with Batman on them. The hardest to track down at the time were Batman shoes, lol. Even now, all grown up, he still gets something with Batman on it from his brother for Christmas.

The only item that I still have from decades ago, is the Lava Lamp my hubby gave me for our first Christmas. I'm afraid to plug it in anymore, but it is still out on a shelf.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Sheree said...

Love that Pacific Tech reference! I recall having discussions with college friends about what college Pacific Tech was supposed to be. We decided it was CalTech.

As for pop culture, my last obsession was for certain anime - Inuyasha, Ouran High School Host Club and, to a lesser extent, Fruits Basket. Although I don't have the DVDs, I do have other knickknacks with characters from those shows on them. Right now, I'm sort of collecting books with my favorite cover model on them (Paul Marron) which means I have a lot of romance novels and some sci-fi novels. I may even read them when I get the chance. At least books are much more "mature" than Fruits Basket pencil cases. :)


Sara Brookes said...

@Cathy It's amazing now that stuff like that can be found anywhere. Kids just have it waaay too easy these days. LOL

@Sheree You're exactly right, it was CalTech. I'm familiar with anime but have never heard of Inuyasha. I may have to check it out.

Annie Nicholas said...

LOL Sara. I've embraced my inner geek and proudly proclaim it. I'm happy to say my sons don't mind.

Vicky CK said...

Ok, so I missed the contest, but I still had to comment. Any girl who went to Pacific Tech is perfect!!!! And I LOVE the "Han shot first" T-shirt (didn't need that one explained, thank you very much. My mom still quote "I can arrange that" in ref to the walking carpet line.)
This sounds Like a lot of fun!