Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where to Go from Here

As my brain starts to wind down on my current Work in Progress, it seems to already be thinking ahead to work on next. Most people would chime in that this is the part where I need to take a break and this is where I gently remind them that the 60K word book I'm getting ready to finish the first draft on, I started in July. ;^)

IMHO, it really shouldn't have taken me that long to write (and yes, I am my own harshest critic). I've written the first draft of a 90K word book in a month and a half. Yes, I realized not every book is the same, each will come in the time that it allots. Fact of the matter is the story was easy to write out with this WiP. The minute details not so much. Why you ask? Once again, I evidently felt the need to explore foreign territory on this one and reach outside the comfort zone. Further than that comfort zone I talked about when I wrote my newest release, Hardware. (One does have to wonder why I do this to myself. LOL)

Fact of the matter is, the book is a good story, heartwrenching in a few spots as well--which I'm getting better at (IMHO) but I'm looking forward to working on something completely different. I had planned to go back into extremely familiar territory for me and finish up the first draft of the 3rd Rebirth book--which is only about 6K-7K from finishing. But I'm aware that edits for my next book, a sci-fi romance, should hit my desk before the end of the year, Working on them always makes me want to write something fresh for my brain in science fiction. So, I've got something else to work on...though now that I think about it, it's unfamiliar territory still as it's a short.

Oy. O_o

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Taryn Kincaid said...

I know, right? Sometimes an excess of "which one to do, which one to do" stalls me in my tracks!