Monday, November 29, 2010

The Tenth Dimension

While researching my work in progress, yes, research, I came across a video that blew my mind. After watching it you may scratch your head. That's okay, you should. The man offers a lot of information and it helped me understand what my plot was missing.

I needed to figure how dimension hopping could work. Just saying it happens is not enough for me as a writer or a reader. Call me old fashion but it's what I grew up reading. Larry Niven, Arthur C. Clark, and Issac Asimov always made their science believable.

This gave me credibility for when I write about the shift to another dimension. My character doesn't go into detail like this guy did but at least it will be believable and not within the category of  'science so advance it's in the realm of magic.'   I love a story that has a foot in fiction and the other foot in reality.


True Life and Fiction said...

Wow, that was nearly mind-blowing information. Although, I can see, from this, how one can think up a thousand different story ideas!

Thanks for the post.

Annie Nicholas said...

Every time I watch it, I learn something new. LOL

D L Jackson said...

Folding space. It's a concept that also helps writers to explain travel across a galaxy in a short amount of time.