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When Souls Collide, Chapter 15, Part 1

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***Warning. The following story contains erotic elements, explicit language and violence. Read at your own risk.***

Tesza opened her eyes. A haze floated over them like oil drifting across her pupils. Blurry images moved before her through half-closed lids. Whirls of congealed color and shapes.
“Stasis, put her in Cryo-stasis.” A voice, familiar but it sounded distant.
“Why bother, she’s already dead? She’s nothing more than a Kalos whore anyway.”
There was a loud thump followed by the sound of a body hitting the ground. A hand brushed her forehead. “I now know you didn’t mean for me to become sick.” Fingers stroked down her cheek. “The bastard tricked us. He’s alive. I left him alive. Only for you.”
“You have to remove your hand. I can’t shut the cell.” Another voice as icy as the air encasing her body. Unfamiliar. Hostile.
“If she doesn’t make it back alive, neither will you.”
“Yes, sir.”
Ursus. Tesza’s heart struggled to beat. She willed her brain to give her one last word. One last thing to be said. Her lips fell open, but only the fog of her breath escaped, sliding from her mouth like a phantom. She refocused. She didn’t want to die. Not before she told him.
Tesza blinked again and everything faded to gray. A cold mist coated her skin. Cold, so cold. “Ursus,” she whispered. But no further words escaped her.
“Here. I won’t let you die. Sleep.” A clanking sound as the case closed.
I love you. She gathered all her energy and pressed her palm against the frosty glass, and blinked, watching as he pressed his hand down over hers. Her energy escaped in a rosy color, lighting the glass, moving through, swirling with his green and blue. It was true. Their auras moved toward one another, even when separated. Tesza closed her eyes and drifted off.
“Save her first and she will save us.” Ursus ran alongside the stretcher, grasping her icy hand. The surgeon coughed into a rag and shook his head, eyeing the bloody mess.
“I don’t think I can repair the damage.” The tone in his voice implied he didn’t even want to try.
Ursus yanked his lazr’ from the holster on his hip and pointed at the man. “Her blood contains the anti-virus. You will. Without her we all die and I’ll make sure you’re first.”
The doctor’s eyes widened. He rushed off to gather staff, yelling orders at the top of his lungs. Everywhere around them, men, women and children, all sick. Dying.
Ursus put his hand to his mouth and coughed more blood. So much blood. He stared down at the pale woman on the stretcher, and brushed the hair from her face. She’d risked her life to bring the cure to him. He ached at the knowledge she’d not betrayed him and he’d doubted her. He slid his hand down her neck to feel for a pulse. Still there. Very weak. “Gods, don’t die on me Tesza.”
Pilot walked up behind him. “They’re taking her to surgery and drawing what blood they can for the anti-virus.”
“She hasn’t got blood to give.” Ursus fell back against the wall. “She’ll die.”
“Does it matter? We’ve got her blood and the anti-virus.” He clamped a hand on Ursus’s shoulder. “You’ve saved us.”
“No, she saved us. She sacrificed everything.” Ursus turned to stare down the corridor where a group of doctors approached. “Yes, it does matter. I won’t let her die. I’m going in with her.”
“Ursus. You can’t go into the operating room. Let her go.”
Ursus pointed the lazr’ still clasped in his hand, at his commander, taking all his strength to hold it steady. “Don’t try to stop me. That’s my wife.”
Pilot’s eyes widened. “Well, that changes things. She’s a Kori citizen and protected under our laws.” He peeled the lazr’ out of Ursus’s grip. “I will personally execute anyone who tries to harm her.” He tucked the lazr’ away and guided Ursus toward a side room with an empty bed. “I can’t guarantee she’ll survive. She needs blood as desperately as we need hers. Rest. I’ll post guards outside the surgery. I will come myself when they’re done.”
Ursus nodded and dropped onto the empty bed, letting the fever take him into sleep. Tezsa had the most dangerous man in the galaxy watching over her. No one would dare to touch her.

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