Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Ghostly Ménage
Author: Eve Langlais

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance

Publisher: Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-592-1
eBook: $3.39
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I was first introduced to Ms. Langlais' work when I read, Lucifer’s Daughter (Liquid Silver Books), which I enjoyed immensely. So, I was quite eager to read her latest release, A Ghostly Ménage, and I’m so glad I did.
It's a completely unique story and sucked me in immediately. Not only does it have an wild adventure with dangerous moments, humor that I simply enjoy, but the HOT sex scenes left me chasing after my husband. It's very difficult to write a complete story in only 59 pages, but Ms. Langlais has done just that.
If you enjoy light-hearted paranormal romance with two hunky werewolves that make you drool, sex that definitely comes with an r-rating, then this book is for you!!!
Jenna, desperate for change, buys a repossessed home on a whim. The townsfolk claim it's haunted, but Jenna's pretty sure all it needs is some filler to stop the drafts. Before long, even she has to admit, there's more going on here than the vagaries of an old house. Can it be ghosts making her panties wet and her dreams hot?

Derrick and Mark, werewolf twins, are stuck in their house as disembodied spirits, all because of an evil witch. When their fated mate suddenly becomes the new owner, they end up taking haunting to a whole new erotic level.
A LINE THAT HAD ME DROOLING WITH WORD ENVY ― “You know,” she said sliding a hand down each of their muscled torsos. “I could have sworn you’d said that having wild monkey sex wasn’t needed to break the spell.”

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