Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Playing with Wordle Again

Anyone who's been to my blog has heard me talk about Wordle. It's a site where you can cut and paste words, doesn't have to be a book, and they'll create a picture with it. You can alter the colors and font. I like to do this with all my books. It's like a photo shot of my work.  Below is the third book of The Vanguards series: The Beta. I just signed the contract for it this weekend so no release date yet. I love the way the picture gives you a glimpse of what the story is about. The main characters are larger than the secondary characters. You see old names from the series and some new ones. I'm really excited about this new book.

This next picture is a book I'm working on at present. The picture will change since I've only three chapters done but I wanted to have a before picture and after one to compare the changes. Give it a try.

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