Monday, November 15, 2010

Damn it’s Getting Dark

Where did the sun go?  It’s five PM as I write this blog and I want to go to bed. The sky is so dark and spooky that I hesitate to leave the house. I usually take the dog out for a walk at this time but even she has her tail between her legs when I open the door to go. Dogs have a sixth sense, so if she ain’t going out, neither am I.
I peer out the window and the inky blackness seems to be absorbing the street lights. Damn, it’s dark. How many more weeks of this do we have?
This, of course, makes me think of vampires because just about everything makes me think of them. LOL If they existed wouldn’t they be more incline to live in the Northern hemisphere? The long nights would give them more outside time and the cold weather shouldn’t bother them like it does me. (or Joann) I work with someone who lived in Alaska and she explained how for about a month they don’t have any sunlight. Thirty days? That seems like a vacation spot for vampires.
What thoughts do dark nights inspire in you?

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J Hali Steele said...

Annie! OMG, it's cold!!! My fingers don't warm up til noon, even wrapped around a hot mug of coffee--which I can't type with. Woe is me...

But, I lived in Michigan for a bit, and what amazed me was, since it's Eastern time zone (but really located midwest), in the summer it stayed light sometimes until around 10pm. Awesome place for a vamp to live...since they don't mind the cold.