Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Friday

Buffy who...?

I’ve never watched a “full” episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I qualify that because, back in the day, when it was on, I’m sure I stopped a few times to see what it was about. For some reason nothing ever caught and/or held my attention.

On FB yesterday, I went to a friend’s page to read and respond to what I thought were messages about her brave husband, who’s in the service, returning home this weekend after a very long absence. (An aside: God bless her because she’s a much braver woman than I could ever be. I can’t begin to imagine handling the long periods of time alone.)

But there was something else afoot there! Okay, *smile* there were very comforting thoughts for her (we’ll call her Teirney) by a good friend (we’ll call her Rebecca). I’m disguising the names to protect the innocent here folks!!

I learned in little bits and pieces of the messages that Buffy and Spike "brought a house down" (not sure, but it may have referred to a sex scene!) Hmmm, here I always thought Buffy had a thing with the guy known as Angel. But wait, unless I misunderstood, and that’s possible, she did have a thing with Angel too. Buffy? Is this the same little Buffy that I thought she was? Evidently not!

So, today I’m shopping for the DVDs to see what I missed. Who doesn’t know I love vamps? Come on, how, and why, did this one slip by? My only response to that is: I thought it was a kid’s show!

My appetite has been whetted now, and can only be assuaged by viewing the episodes in living color. I’ll leave you with some images of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The pictures just don’t scream out “watch me”.

Though Spike is a hottie (he’s blond--need I say more) and I’m very glad he’s all grown up now.

Oh, there are others in the picture? Sorry…I didn’t notice.

Leave a comment about your favorite episode, or tell us why you liked, or didn't like, the series.

I'm going shopping now...

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele


Rebecca Royce said...

LOL. The first season is very teenage-anst filled. Season 2 is where it really gets dark and I think you'll appreciate the steaminess. But get through 1, if you can!

You're so funny. The names are disguised, huh? LOL!!

J Hali Steele said...

OH! Shoot...the names...

Cathy M said...

Watching Buffy episodes is like my comfort food. Loved the first two seasons, not so much the Dawn and Glory year, and the last year was okay, though not a huge favorite. Watched it more because I had to wrap it all up. Still think Joss Whedon is amazing.

Meghan S. said...

BEST. SHOW. EVER. Seriously. Season 1 is a bit low on maturity, but seasons 2 & 3 really pack a punch. I literally cried when I watched the series finale :(

Dawn said...

I loved Buffy *sniffles* miss having it to look forward to every week and *le sigh* Im a huge Angel fan.

Annie Nicholas said...

I used too watch the re-runs a few years back. They'd play at nap time so it was perfect timing. I loved this show with it's soap opera like story.

The creator of this series also made Serenity for any of those who like a little sci-fi.