Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Love in Young Adult Books---Tasarla Romaney

So...finally, I bring you what was supposed to be posted last week. LOL. Fortunately, my friend Tasarla Romaney was very patient with me. Please join me in welcoming her. She's stopped by to tell us about her Young Adult series and writing love in a fantasy story.


I read just about everything and for different reasons. Actually, a lot of my selections revolve around the seasons. A blowing snow storm seems to demand I read a murder mystery. Spring, of course, is prime romance reading time.

In my hi-fantasy young adult series, The Night of the Gryphon, I took my love for romance and wove it into the very fabric of the quest story giving everyone of love. This is a romance reader dream - five independent loves story in the same book! Each romance is unique and the couples deal with their own ‘issues.’

Today, I’m going to offer a ‘snapshot’ of three of them. My favorite couple to write is Ovezara and Jur. She’s my dark heroine who has no experience in love. It is so much fun to take someone who has only known ugliness and show her the power of love. Jur is a king to a race many feel are less than human. Yet, their love is true…from Warrior Queen…

Ovezara looked into the Jur’s face. “I would not expect you to pay any form of ransom nor would I use my magic against you.”

Jur snorted. “You are my queen. I as I said earlier, I will not let harm come you and all will suffer who try.”

Repeatedly, he tells Ovezara that he will not allow anything to hurt her and tells her he will avenge the person who abused her throughout her childhood. Ovezara doesn’t understand Jur’s feelings but finds herself counting him and he comes through again and again.

Taraly, my other heroine also struggles with her feelings but in a different way. Cherished by her father, her childhood was filled with love. As a young girl, her dreams were filled by a handsome prince who took her on wonderful adventures. Taraly soon learns dreams and reality rarely are the same…from the Warrior Queen…

As a girl growing up her nightly dreams had been filled with a handsome king from a distant land who came and swept her away on flights adventures filled with romance and excitement. The Prince of the Shadow Lands standing beside her with his long black hair, starling royal blue eyes, and cleft in his chin walked out of her dreams. Looking down at her damp, mud covered dress, she snorted. Their first adventure was far from wonderful.

Sancha and Jalie’s romance is a case of a good guy falling for the bad girl. Jalie comes in Sancha’s life when he is dealing with the brutal death of his father. He loves her knowing her faults….

“She hides things.”

Sancha nodded. “She also lies.”

When faced with the reality of their relationship…from The Hollow King

"Love and lies do not mix. Our love is a like rabbit. Your lies are the wolf pack. The rabbit will be torn to pieces."

"Never again will I lie. But you must understand there will be times I can't tell you the truth."

"Then you say that."

She smiled up at him as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Agreed."

Because he could no longer resist, he pulled Jalie to him. Her sweet lips greeting his.

So as you can see young adult doesn’t mean less romance. My series combines the excitement of the quest with a lot of emotional romance.

Find more about this amazing author here.


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