Sunday, August 14, 2011

Please welcome Jane Toombs!!

Why Do We Enjoy Paranormal?

In the old days everything that wasn’t completely “normal” had not yet been debunked. There might be fairies in the rose garden or gnomes hiding near the stones or elves dancing among the forest trees.

The howling heard at night could be werewolves rather than wolves or coyotes. And the fact no one has ever taken a picture of a real dragon doesn’t mean they don’t exist--somewhere.
The present era is one of debunking. We’re considered a bit nutty if we believe in any of the above. Mermaids? No, they were sea cows. UFOs? Not really, those lights can be explained by normal phenomena and pranksters made those crop circles. Every possible paranormal element has a scientific explanation.

Bah, humbug!

I believe humans crave a touch of the unknown, which may account for the popularity of paranormal stories. And most of us, writers or readers have our own favorites. My SO, while he loves astronomy, hates astrology. He does not care for the paranormal genre at all. I love him anyway. And he behaves as though he loves me, despite my enjoyment of paranormal. He’s happy with my taste as long as don’t try to make him read the genre. So, I grant you, not everyone likes it.

But lot of us do, which makes me happy because I like to write and read stories with at least a touch of , or are frankly paranormal. Some authors stick to vampires or shape shifters. Other choose demons or zombies or angels. What satisfies me the most is to writ about dragons, ghosts or shapeshifters and the occasional witch.

Sometimes I make a detour into areas of modern science, where things like nanabots are not behaving exactly as the scientists planned. Like in my Dangerous Darkness Series of four books, for example:

Shadow On The Floor--ghosts
What does an ex-special op agent turned lawyer have in common with a woman hiding from her ex-husband who means to kill her? And why is she aware of the shadow on the den floor of his uncle’s house where she’s been hired as a helper? No outsider ever before has been.

Watcher At the Door--shapeshifter
Sarah came home to take care of her young brother after their home was destroyed in an arsonist's fire that killed their parents. They’re temporarily living in a summer cabin in the woods. The last person she expects to see is Mal, her once lover. Worse, she has the feeling she and her brother are being secretly watched. But is the watcher human or an animal?

Terror From Before--Death Bird
Stranger On The Shore--wayward nanabots

The first two books are out now from Red Rose Publishing and buy links are on my website at
The last two are being written.


Rebecca Royce said...

Going to go check out your books!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

I can pretty much read any genre and find joy in escaping into the author's world, but there is just something about the paranormal world that intrigues me. So if a good historical, a suspense novel or anything in between has a bit of the unusual woven into the story, I'm so there.

I love both your book covers here.

B. A. Binns said...

I'mnot a huge paranormal fan, but I guees I like the idea of the larger-than-life hero and heroine, so hard to find in the normal world.

Mary Hughes said...

"Crave a touch of the unknown"--great way to put it and I so agree! Love your blurbs, really tickled my interest!