Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thirteen Things D L Jackson finds incredibly sexy—in no particular order.

1. Men in uniforms, any uniform.

2. Said man in uniform stripping it off, while maintaining eye contact with you the whole time.

3. A man that will climb into the tub and wash your back.

4. A man that blushes when you catch him looking at you. No innocent thoughts there.

5. When a man comes up behind you in a very public setting and tugs your hair, leaning in to whisper something very naughty into your ear, starting a game of “How hot can I make you before I get you home.”

6. When he peels your panties off with his teeth.

7. Fixing things around the house. When I see a wrench in his hand, I want to jump him.

8. Seeing him play with his children.

9. Hearing him laugh.

10. A phone call at work that would put a phone sex operator to shame.

11. Getting pinned to a wall and kissed like there’s no tomorrow.

12. Watching him do yard work and then take the hose and cool off. Wet t-shirts aren’t just for men to enjoy, ladies.

13. Cowboys.

So, what things would you add to the list?


Amanda W. said...

Watching the muscle in a mans jaw twitch when he clenches his teeth. It looks like he is aching to sink his teeth into something tasty!

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Sitting next to you on the couch just to touch your shoulder and comfort you without words after your bad day.