Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mishmash of Inspiration

Inspiration comes in so many packages. It can be a book that sparks a "what if" idea or a song with lyrics that speak to you. It can be a movie or a person that touched your life. Really, inspiration can be and can come from anything.

When you consider how many books use song titles as titles...yeah. It's easy to see how much music feeds creativity.

While I was writing Evermine, one of my critique partners emailed me a link to a song and said--this is Emma. I gave it a listen, and it is. I got chills listening to it. I still do. I'd like to share that song with you.

I guess I have Emma on the brain lately, since I'm working on second round edits on that book. She was the voice I heard while writing Everlong. Her story, and Harper's, I sometimes think is the reason I wrote the first book. (Let's not tell their siblings that, shall we?)

Once I wrap up Evermine, I still have Frost edits ahead of me. Once those are finished, I'm looking for a way to reconnect with Dillon and Isabeau as I write Eversworn. Music seems like the logical choice, and I have a song in mind...

Yep. I'm smiling as I write this. That song speaks to me on so many levels, and I think it's a good connection between Dillon and me. Of course, while I was song shopping, I found one for Vaughn (from the next Araneae Nation novel), but I think I'll keep that under my hat for now.

How about y'all? Any songs you listen to over and over to connect with a character or to get in the mood to write certain scenes?


Annie Nicholas said...

I keep a collection of songs on my ipod to help find certain emotions. :)

Hailey Edwards said...

I used to find character-specific songs, but it seems like now I have a handful that help me hit the right mood. I have five or six that are definitely mood-specific. Makes me wonder if it's me or if there's a lull in the music industry lately. :/